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about us

Habitat Interiors Co is a full service interior design business that works on a variety of different projects from styling the small corners of a home to multimillion dollar new construction homes. 


One thing that separates us from other design services is our love and appreciation for so many different tastes and styles. Although getting inspiration from a specific style can be a great starting point, we love a finished space that is unique to our client. Mixing different elements, styles and influences often gives the best reflection because we're all multidimensional! 

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Our founder, Taylor Apolonio grew up in the Salt Lake area where her love for being outdoors blossomed. Her love for nature is not only her happy place but is where she finds a lot of inspiration for her designs. Her earliest memory of being interested in interiors was when she was in the 3rd grade. Her room had attic access and she drew up 'blue prints' to build stairs up to the attic so she could extend her room and have her own loft area. Needless to say, she loves transforming spaces. Before getting her A.A.S. in Interior Design she worked nearly a decade for her father. Her experience leading multimillion dollar businesses along side her father assisted in developing skills and tools to start her own business and manage large projects. 

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